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Denver Startup Week 2019 Sustainability Results

Zero Waste at Denver Startup Week 2019


We are happy to report that the Denver Startup Week 2019 sustainability results are in! But first, a little background…

Waste diversion rates in Denver are hovering around 20% and the popularity of Denver Startup Week exploded to over 20,000 participants in 2019. It was incredibly important that we come together to reduce our environmental footprint for Denver Startup Week.

Last year, a few sustainability pioneers gathered to set A Bold Sustainability Vision For Denver Startup Week for 2018, but this year, we kicked it up a notch.

With the leadership of Colorado State University, Cottonwood Institute, B. Green Events, Eco-Cycle, and Scraps, we were committed to helping the largest free entrepreneurship event in North America also become the most environmentally sustainable.

In 2019, Colorado State University took the lead to help make Basecamp Launched by Chase for Business zero waste by becoming the first-ever Sustainability Sponsor in 2019. B. Green Events, Cottonwood Institute, and Eco-Cycle helped recycle and compost the waste generated at Basecamp to minimize what we sent to the landfill.

Colorado State University also helped to create and distribute Zero Waste Venue Kits for Denver Startup Week venue hosts. Denver Startup Week wouldn’t happen without business stepping up to host the hundreds of sessions and this year we will help make it easier for these businesses to go zero waste to minimize their impact. These kits will include guidelines and sustainability resources, zero waste bins and bio bags for composting, and recognition for their efforts! Scraps also offered their services to compost waste for venue hosts to help them go zero waste.

The 20,000+ participants of Denver Startup Week, were also encouraged to get involved by using alternative transportation, bringing reusable water bottles and coffee mugs, and recycling or composting the waste they generate to help make the largest free entrepreneurship event in North American the most environmentally sustainable.

Now for the Denver Startup Week 2019 sustainability results:

Thanks to all of our sustainability partners, including: Colorado State University, Cottonwood Institute, B. Green Events, Eco-Cycle, Eco-Products, BioBag, Scraps, Denver Startup Week, Downtown Denver PartnershipLaCome Events Inc., our Green Venue hosts, Green Team volunteers, and our incredible sustainability partners across Denver — we diverted 90% of all event waste from landfills at the 2019 Denver Startup Week at Basecamp, and achieved an estimated diversion rate of 77% across 10 Green Venue Hosts!

Look out, because we are going even bigger in 2020, so stay tuned and get involved!



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