New Vista CAP Class Ditches the Shop for a Clothing Swap!

As summer heats the blocks of Boulder, Colorado, many flock to clothing stores and online shops for the newest summer trends. However, this constant closet revamping comes at an environmental cost. Living consciously is something ingrained in most citizens of Boulder. While most establishments contain recycling and composting bins, and the car of choice is… Read more »

Earth Task Force


Earth Task Force Curbs Consumerism with Clothes-Cycling

On Thursday, November 13th, 2014, a student led environmental action team at New Vista High School called the Earth Task Force (ETF) implemented a Clothing Swap event during the school’s hour long lunch. ETF worked a couple weeks prior to the event to create a comedic promotional video to grab the attention of the students… Read more »


Earth Task Force Students Host a Clothing Swap

Last month, students from the Earth Task Force at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO hosted a clothing swap. The purpose of the event was to encourage peers and staff to pursue their fashion interests in a more eco-friendly manner. Due to the money and materials that are invested in the purchase of new… Read more »