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STRIVE Prep – RISE Students Find Themselves in Nature on Overnight #3

STRIVE RISE Overnight #3Strive Prep – RISE ventured out on their third orientation trip at Sylvan Dale Ranch last weekend, and as with the other groups, it was an unforgettable adventure! The group settled in at Daddy J’s campground and embarked on a weekend of bonding and exploring that left them with new memories and strengthened friendships.

The adventure began as the group worked together to set up camp and gathered for a tasty lunch. After they were fully settled into their new home, they decided to explore the nearby creek where they teamed up to compete in a rock stacking challenge and complete some team building activities. Working together to build the highest cairn and flip a “magic carpet,” the team was closer than ever as they set out on a hike to explore the beautiful ranch. They passed horses and a meandering river as they made their way up to a gorgeous red rock ridge. There, they took some time to sit and be with themselves as they thoughtfully contemplated the wonders of nature. On the way back down, they took a detour to play their new favorite game, One Bear, Two Bear, Three Bear, Grizzly!

STRIVE RISE Overnight #3Later that night, the group worked in teams to cook, clean, and build the fire. They shared a delicious outdoor meal of pasta, chicken, and veggies. After, they all gathered together around their warm, cozy fire. Everyone took some time to get to know each other a little better as they played 3 Minutes of Fame, and one by one, each camper had their chance to become famous at Daddy J’s! After many s’mores and stories, it was time to get into tents and cuddle up in their extremely warm sleeping bags for the night.

The next morning, the RISE group had breakfast and headed down to the creek to take some more time alone with nature. After a period of solitude, everyone came together to share words of affirmation, where different campers had a chance to express gratitude and share positive thoughts about their classmates who had become even better friends. They made their way back to clean up camp and have one more lunch at Daddy J’s. After a final closing circle, they headed back to the city with a new sense of adventure and closer bonds with one another.

Written by CI Instructor Alex Simonian

See more photos from the trip here!

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