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Changemakers Spark Ancestral Skills Revival: Reconnecting Community Through Fire, Shelter & Crafts

Students Lead Frigid-Weather Gathering, Fostering Sustainability & Connection to Heritage. Written by Associate Director and Senior Instructor Chelsea Tossing.

A Changemaker student practices ancestral skills at the ancestral skills gathering at Ollin FarmsIn a world increasingly dominated by technology, our Changemaker students have been craving to reconnect themselves and their community with ancestral skills. This past weekend, our Changemaker Outdoor Leadership Program welcomed 40 eager members of the community to an ancestral skills gathering at Ollin Farms, delving into workshops ranging from fire building to natural shelters. In frigid weather and blowing snow, participants immersed themselves in a tapestry of age-old practices, fostering a profound connection to the land and their heritage.

Colorful foods used for ancestral skillsThroughout the gathering, the passion and expertise of the young leaders and community experts shone brightly as they guided attendees through the intricacies of each skill. From crafting leather bags to mastering the art of visible mending, every workshop provided not only practical knowledge but also a deeper understanding of sustainability and self-reliance. Participants reveled in the opportunity to step away from the frenetic pace of modern life, finding solace and fulfillment in the simple act of creating with their own hands.

A Changemaker student practices ancestral skills at the ancestral skills gathering at Ollin FarmsAs the temperatures dropped and the sun dipped below the horizon, the ancestral skills gathering drew to a close. Yet, its impact resonated far beyond the fields of Ollin Farms. Empowered by newfound knowledge and a shared sense of community, attendees departed with a renewed appreciation for the wisdom of their ancestors and a commitment to preserving these invaluable traditions for generations to come.

Thanks to the dedication of the Changemaker Outdoor Leadership Program students, their Action Project gathering served not only as a celebration of the past but also as a beacon guiding us toward a more sustainable and connected future.

A group practices ancestral skills at the ancestral skills gathering at Ollin FarmsThis program would not be possible without the support of some of our extraordinary funders, including: Great Outdoors Colorado, Larrk Foundation, Nature Kids/Jovenes de la Naturaleza, and Thorne Nature Experience.

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