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Students Take Action Through Art

Have you ever seen street art that stopped you in your tracks? A stunning photograph of a protester standing up to power? A video about the impacts of climate change that gave you chills? Art can transcend language and logic to tap into something deeply human. The raw emotion of artistic expression, when used to confront big issues, can be a powerful vehicle for change.

NVHS Art as ActivismIn our fall Art as Activism workshop, students set out to explore the many ways that art can move us from apathy to action. We examined the work of visionaries like Eve Mosher and Paul Nicklen, and met with incredible guest speakers at the cutting edge of climate communication right here in Colorado! Students learned about effective movements with Marda Kirn, director of EcoArts Connections, and talked about creating compelling stories with Kerry Koepping, director of the Arctic Arts Project

Then it was time to take what they learned and apply it to their own creative work! For their culminating projects, students chose from prompts to explore the local and global dimensions of climate change and draw connections to their personal lives. They grounded their work in understanding, with research topics ranging from the inequitable impacts of energy development to the fundamentals of sustainable landscaping.

From pizza box collages, to drawings of endangered local plants, to a song about the devastating impact of the pine beetle, students’ projects were brilliant reflections of their unique talents and passions– but their work is just the beginning! Like every artist/activist knows, the power of their piece is the action it creates. Want to get involved? Here’s where you can start! 

NVHS Art as Activism

Written by New Vista CAP and Art as Activism Workshop Instructor Chelsea Tossing

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