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KIPP Sunshine Peak CAP Students Rise to the Occasion on Climbing Field Trip

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy Climbing ExcursionExpedition Behavior (EB) is a set of group practices that help a group reach the goals of a trip while also getting along. After learning about EB in class, the KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy (KSPA) CAP students developed a list of attainable group goals for their rock climbing field trip:

  • Support each other to go as high as each person is comfortable
  • Have fun!
  • Be honest about turns.
  • No Cell Phones = Time Together
  • No bragging or showing off
  • Give congratulations and high fives!

Upon arrival at the indoor rock climbing wall at the Colorado Mountain Club, the students were in awe. Jaws dropped when they first saw the climbing wall, which is a replica of part of Golden’s North Table Mountain outdoor rock climbing area. The walls reach about 40 feet high and include natural features like cracks, ledges, a chimney and a few aretes.

For most of the KSPA students on the field trip, this would be their first time rock climbing.

KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy Climbing ExcursionFollowing a name game to get acquainted with the rock climbing instructors, the students shared their group goals and set some personal goals for themselves. Then some quick lessons on how to put on a harness, tie a figure eight follow-through knot, conduct a safety check, communicate with a belayer, and safely lower a climber were completed. Now the students were ready to give it a try!

The students did a great job encouraging each other, working through personal challenges on the wall (like trust, persistence, and fear of heights), and giving high-fives. In the closing circle before departing from the CMC all the students happily shared that they met their goals!

Written by KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy CAP Instructor Eva Altermatt.

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