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KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy CAP Students Support Re:Vision With a Day of Service Learning

After completing their service project at Re:Vision in Westwood, students Arely and Olivia from KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy (KSPA) held a meeting in the conference room to present to us what they learned.

“So,” started Arely, “what is KIPP Sunsine Peak Academy Students at Re:VisionRe:Vision?”

A bullet-point list of facts written on a whiteboard was then pointed out:

  • They help you.
  • They help the community.
  • They inspire you to help nature.

“They help people that can’t afford—or who don’t have access to—healthy food” Oliva added.

“Fun facts!” Arely stated with a smile:

  • They have a market.
  • They are a community.
  • They are building a café.
  • They love their community.

“And then like all the money they make,” Olivia humbly chimed in, “they send it back to the community.”

After trying to find a good place for Almond to sit, (a Beanie Baby bear that has become a beloved member of the KSPA group), and having a brief giggle attack, Olivia gathered her composure to continue their important meeting.

Volunteering Arely, Olivia asked “What did you learn?”

“Something I learned about planting stuff,” stated Arely matter-of-factly, “is that you have to take the weeds out so that they won’t kill the food that is being planted.”

KIPP Sunsine Peak Academy Students at Re:Vision

Then, swiveling in her chair, Arely returned the question with a smirk on her face. “What did you learn Olivia?”

“Well I learned that they sell food in communities that need fresh food,” Olivia was able to say while choking back a laugh, “and that weeds are terrible things that grow through wood (referring to a stick Josselyn found out at the garden that a root was growing through) and destroy your food.”

To wrap up the meeting, Olivia picked up Almond and told us, “This is Almond, our mascot.” She nodded her head and continued, “OK, we’re done.”

Olivia and Arely looked at us, back and each other, then back at us giggling as we applauded and thanked them for holding this valuable meeting.

Written by Eva Altermatt, KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy CAP Instructor

See more photos from the trip here!

Special thanks to Re:Vision!

Kipp Sunshine Peak Academy Students at Re:Vision

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