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Reduce Your Footprint

The Cottonwood Institute is committed to helping people raise their awareness of local environmental issues, environmental sustainability, and how to reduce their environmental footprint. Here are three easy things you can do to help you change the world:

Step One: Calculate Your Environmental Footprint: Go to MyFootprint.org and calculate your personal environmental footprint.

Step Two: Complete Our Environmental Footprint Worksheet: Download a copy of our Environmental Footprint Worksheet

to identify areas in your life where you can reduce your footprint, identify roadblocks that are preventing you from changing your habits, what support you need to overcome these roadblocks, and identify ways you can reduce your environmental footprint within the next 3 months.

Step Three: Make A Commitment: If you need ideas on where to start, Download a copy of our Environmental Solutions Handout and pick at least one think you can do to reduce your footprint within the next three months.

For more information about a variety of environmental issues, feel free to download a copy of our Sustainability Resources Handout

and spread the word to your friends and family!

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