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Alumni Spotlight: Lindsey Machado

Lindsey Machado

Most of the time, we use our Alumni Spotlight to catch up with Cottonwood Institute alumni a few years after they’ve completed their CAP class, to see how they’ve been using what they learned in CAP to make a difference in their world. We didn’t need to wait that long to speak to Lindsey Machado; a rising Junior at New Vista High School in Boulder, Lindsey is already a multiple-time CAP alumna and is putting her knowledge to work creating upcycled clothing, which reduces waste associated with disposable “fast fashion.”

Lindsey chose New Vista specifically so she could take CAP, and was also recently highlighted in the Boulder Daily Camera, sharing her action project. We can’t wait to see what she’ll get up to next!

Can you tell me how you ended up taking CAP?

I’ve signed up for it every single year I’ve been here—and I’m only a sophomore—but one of the main reasons why I chose New Vista was because of the CAP program. I really like environmental issues and I want to learn more about it and get out more in the community. I got accepted to every school I applied for in Boulder, I applied to eight or twelve schools, and that was the deciding factor for me.

Tell me about your experience in the class overall.

Before the class, I kind of got into this cycle of cynicism, and by taking it, it kind of showed me the tools and techniques I need to succeed. Because I’m so young and I don’t have the experience or money to do any big projects, it kind of showed me what I can do with my time that’s beneficial to the environment.

What did you do for your Action Project?Lindsey Machado Fairy and Frog

I wrote a children’s book on upcycling. I wanted to share with the kids that our clothing and our decisions, though they may be small, can have a large impact. I’d never written a book before and it was a really cool experience. I did it all in, like, two days, which probably wasn’t the best decision.

Read “The Tale of a Fairy and a Frog, A Frog and a Fairy” here!

Your group went to Columbine Elementary and shared it with the students. How was that experience?

I think the students were fairly engaged. Some of what we addressed was hard for them to comprehend, but by introducing some environmental issues at such a young age it sparks some interest. I remember The Lorax sparking mine, and I think just introducing them to the idea of them making a change and their impact is extremely beneficial.

What’s next for you after finishing your CAP class?

Actually, I have been making upcycled clothes for a fairly long time, and some of my friends and I, this summer, are going to start an online store that’s all upcycled clothing. Prior to that, it was just something I was doing on the side. CAP kind of gave me the resources to go about making some sort of change, which was really really cool.

Thank you to Lindsey Machado for her contributions!

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