Student Alumni, Rachel Brock Talks About CAP Experience

Cottonwood Institute (CI) is interested in how the Community Adventure Program (CAP) influences students long-term and  what they take with them from their class.  We continue to follow up with CAP alumni and hope to keep tabs on their adventures and where life takes them.  We caught up with this CAP student from STRIVE Prep… Read more »


Hole-y ‘Mole What A Throwdown

What started as a cool, misty, and cloudy day at Denver’s Union Station turned into a perfect day for The Throwdown 2017, our annual charity cornhole tournament to benefit Cottonwood Institute. 32 corporate teams and 16 competitive teams battled it out, but only 1 team from each bracket would emerge victorious. In the corporate bracket,… Read more »

School Is Not What You Think!


Military Kids Project: School Is Not What You Think!

On a scorching weekend in July, Cottonwood Institute and a group of military families from Colorado Army National Guard headed to the mountains to momentarily trade the summer heat and the stresses of city living for whispering leaves and gentle breezes of camping amidst the aspen groves at Sanborn Western Camps. Located just west of… Read more »


A Trip of Firsts for Colorado Youth for a Change Students

Colorado Youth for Change and Cottonwood Institute teamed up to create an impactful experience for ten very lucky high school students from Prairie View and Brighton high schools this summer.  We loaded up the vans and were off on an adventure to Mission: Wolf!  Students didn’t really know what they had signed up for, although… Read more »


The Kids at Casa de la Esperanza Were Bee-ing Amazing

Do you realize how much of modern human life depends on tiny buzzing insects?  Without bees many of our favorite foods would be gone or vastly more expensive.  And it’s not even just fruit we’d be missing: even *gasp* chocolate and coffee would be at risk.  And bee populations are declining at an alarming rate…. Read more »

Denver Green School


Denver Green School Students Educate Their Community About Environmental Issues

This spring Denver Green School CAP classes had an awesome and exciting semester! We explored the world around us; Learned new skills and wilderness survival; Educated ourselves about environmental issues that affect our communities; And designed and implemented community action projects to affect real change in our worlds! We began the semester by exploring our connection to nature,… Read more »