Creative Ways To Donate


Creative Ways To Donate To Cottonwood Institute

The end of 2017 is rapidly approaching and we wanted to share 5 creative ways to donate to Cottonwood Institute today! 1. Donate Stock To donate a gift of appreciated stock to Cottonwood Institute, please contact your financial advisor. From your transferring account, fill out your custodian’s gifting form or letter of intent and include… Read more »


Tis’ the Season for Snowshoes!

At Cottonwood Institute, we aim to help students explore and appreciate the outdoors in any weather! It’s almost time for winter programming to begin and as we prepare to enter our snowy season, we could use your help!! During the winter, each of our CAP classes participate in a winter field day. We take students… Read more »



Why Cottonwood Institute Deserves Your Donation on #COGivesDay!

In 2017, Cottonwood Institute (CI) was working hard to change student’s lives by connecting students to the outdoors, increasing their environmental and self-awareness, and empowering them to become leaders to improve their schools, the community, and the environment. Below are just a few testimonies from students to highlight why CI deserves your donation on #COGivesDay! Connecting… Read more »


Top 10 Inspiring Stories From 2017

It is that time of year and we are excited to announce Cottonwood Institute’s annual Top 10 Inspiring Stories from 2017! So what were our students up to this year? Check it out! 2017 Ripple Effect Award Winners Change Their World Daily Camera Covers Angevine Middle School Action Project STRIVing For A Sustainable Future –… Read more »