A Windy Autumn Backpacking Trip with STRIVE Prep – Federal

During the first week of October, a select few students from STRIVE Prep – Federal braved the cold and the wind for an experience like no other! Ten middle schoolers, along with two STRIVE teachers and two Cottonwood instructors, spent two days at White Ranch Open Space, just west of Golden, CO. The first impressions… Read more »



A Tale of the Ages: STRIVE Prep – Excel Overnight

A unique feature of the Community Adventure Program (CAP) class at STRIVE Prep – Excel is the age diversity of the participants. Half of them are Seniors, driving cars and getting ready for college. The other half are Freshmen, just out of middle school and testing their new high school identities. (Then there is one Sophomore,… Read more »



CAP New Vista Builds Shelter and Lasting Friendships

The fall semester is flying by and this weekend was CAP New Vista‘s final camping trip together as a group! After a quick gear check in Boulder on Saturday morning, we arrived at a camping spot near Taylor Mountain in Allenspark, CO. While the hike in was less than two miles, it was a great… Read more »



Honey Raised Some Money for the Earth Task Force

The Earth Task Force (ETF) held a bake sale of yummy pastries that all contained honey to promote pollinators. ETF students decided to do this for the pollinators that are in danger of becoming extinct and the team wanted to earn money to give to an organization that helps pollinators. They also wanted to help… Read more »



STRIVE Prep – RISE Rises Above Chilly Weather

Recently, a group of twenty-two freshmen from STRIVE Prep – RISE headed up past Allenspark to the Cheley Outpost. For most of them, this was their first camping trip ever. The weather was bright and the aspens were at their peak for a beautiful fall weekend. The students enjoyed the challenge of setting up their tents in the… Read more »



Denver Green School CAP Enjoys Colorado’s Autumn Beauty

Recently, the two Denver Green School Community Adventure Program (CAP) classes went on an overnight camping trip at Cheley Outpost Camp near Allenspark, CO. Having the opportunity to go on a camping trip is not common in most schools. Some of us had gone camping before, but this trip was different than any other. Overall, Cottonwood Institute provided us with… Read more »

Urban Farm Volunteer Project 2016


Urban Farm Volunteer Project 2016 Was Rad(ish)

On a crisp morning on Saturday, September 24th, 2016, 7th and 8th graders from STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside’s Community Adventure Program (CAP), as well as CI staff, instructors, donors, board members, and volunteers, headed down to the Westwood neighborhood of Denver to help out during Cottonwood Institute‘s Urban Farm Volunteer Project with Re:Vision. Re:Vision is… Read more »



New Vista CAP Sings Their Way Through the Woods

With the school year just beginning, Cottonwood Institute‘s Community Adventure Program (CAP) at New Vista High School is back in full swing. This past weekend, the CAP class had their first opportunity to camp and hike as a group. On Saturday morning, we left New Vista for the Cheley Oupost campsites near Allenspark, CO. The group arrived… Read more »



Teamwork, Fun, and Survival Skills with Military Kids and Families

Since 2010, Cottonwood Institute has been collaborating with the military community along the Colorado Front Range to offer our Military Kids Project. We are honored to make this program possible for active military families and their children to thank them for their incredible service and sacrifice they make for our country. With a small but mighty… Read more »

The Dawg and The Money with winning trophies from AOR


Cottonwood Institute Brought the Heat for The Throwdown 2016

As the temperature climbed to 90 degrees, nearly 150 participants and volunteers sweated it out to compete to win The Throwdown 2016, the 7th annual charity cornhole tournament at Denver Union Station to benefit Cottonwood Institute (CI). With the help of numerous volunteers, staff, board members, instructors, generous donors, and sponsors, CI raised close to $15,000 for… Read more »