Ripple Effect Award


2015 Base Camp Bash Exceeded Expectations

+-*Wow, what a night! Cottonwood Institute hosted its 10th Annual Base Camp Bash this past Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at RedLine in Denver and the event exceeded our wildest expectations. The VIP Party set the stage for a great evening with music from the Lance Acker Quartet, cocktail tasting from Randy and Ryan Layman from… Read more »

Great Divide Tap Room


Great Divide Tap Room Beneficiary

+-*Run, or walk briskly, over to Great Divide this month because Cottonwood Institute is one of the Tap Room beneficiaries for the month of April, 2015. Great Divide will generously donate 100% of sample size pours to two worthy nonprofit organizations each month. 3 oz. sample size pours cost $1, so put together a flight… Read more »

Confluence Denver


In The News: Confluence Denver

+-*  We are very grateful to our friends at Confluence Denver for posting this great article: Cottonwood Institute Celebrates Environmental Education in Denver with Base Camp Bash. Check it out and share the link to your network to help spread the good word about Cottonwood Institute!

Change Your World


Johnson & Wales Students Embarked on 5th Annual Sustainability Summit

+-*As the bright sun rose last Friday, March 20, 2015, four vans of excited and passionate Johnson & Wales University (JWU) students headed over to the Alliance Center to spend their day diving into the many layers of sustainability as they embarked on the 5th Annual Sustainability Summit hosted by Cottonwood Institute. When students arrived,… Read more »



The Perfect Mix: Enthusiastic Cottonwood Institute Instructors & A Warm Sunny Winter Weekend

+-*Cottonwood Institute (CI) headed to the mountains to explore with an enthusiastic, down-to-earth, bunch of new and well-versed instructors!  Our annual instructor training was held at Calwood Education Center outside of Jamestown, CO and was full of laughs, learning, sharing, and friendships in the making. “The CI instructor training was a wonderful reminder of why… Read more »

Base Camp Bash


10th Annual Base Camp Bash: Who’s Excited?

+-*Spring is in the air and the 10th Annual Base Camp Bash to benefit Cottonwood Institute is rapidly approaching on Saturday, April 11th, 2015 from 7-10pm at RedLine in Denver, CO. Who’s excited? We are excited! In case you are not feeling our excitement just yet, here are 5 reasons to help get you there:… Read more »



E.T.F. Serves Up Sustainable Caffeine

+-*On Thursday, February 19, 2015, Earth Task Force (ETF), a student led conservation group at New Vista High School, executed a unique day of consciousness – Bring Your Own Mug Day. Bring Your Own Mug Day focuses on urging students to drink from reusable mugs instead of ones destined for the landfill. Students who brought… Read more »



Cottonwood Institute Welcomes New Program Coordinator

+-*We are thrilled to have Taryn Longberry join the Cottonwood Institute team and we are moving forward full steam ahead!  In addition to taking over the Program Coordinator position, she is gearing up for teaching her first quarter as Community Adventure Program Coordinator (CAP) at New Vista High School in Boulder, CO.  We are proud… Read more »

Website Pic


New Website Launch!

+-*Welcome to Cottonwood Institute’s new website! We love the new look and feel and how it clearly articulates who we are and what we do. The Home Page in particular is very easy to navigate, featuring drop-down menus and clickable photo links to our most popular pages. We are excited about the newly improved About Us page, which… Read more »

Cottonwood Institute Best of 2014


Best Of 2014 Video: Watch. Give. Share.

+-*2014 has been an amazing year and we can’t wait to share the incredible experiences we created for our students and share how they ignited change in their communities. There are 3 things you can do right now to help us reach our annual giving goal to raise $20,000 by December 31, 2014 to help… Read more »