Saving the Bees with STRIVE Prep-Excel

Many people wonder how Action Projects with Cottonwood Institute work and what makes them so powerful. The key is the students. The students have to be invested in the topic and really care about the outcome in order for the projects to not just be another course requirement when many students already feel overwhelmed with coursework. How… Read more »



School’s Out But Adventure Has Just Begun! Mission: Wolf with STRIVE Prep-Montbello

STRIVE Prep – Montbello middle school had just let out for the summer, but the following day nine students, two of their teachers, and three Cottonwood Institute instructors loaded up in vans and headed out to meet the wolves. There were feelings of fear, excitement, and curiosity being exchanged during the drive to Mission: Wolf, a gorgeous and isolated retreat in… Read more »



We Walked the Walk: New Vista Spring CAP Students Tackle Water Pollution

The students of New Vista High School and Cottonwood Institute’s Community Adventure Program (CAP) discovered buckets of information about water pollution and stream restoration this quarter and realized there was a lot they could do to help. With visible enthusiasm, they decided to pick this as their Action Project. The Action Project is a student-led project… Read more »



Leaving It All Behind: Littleton Academy at Mission: Wolf

Gear flung everywhere, smiles abound, and parents left behind! It’s time for an adventure! Twenty-one Littleton Academy 5th graders and six adults headed out to howl with the wolves this past week at Mission: Wolf, a wolf sanctuary hidden in the shadows of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains just outside of Gardner, Colorado. For… Read more »



Growing Food for the Community: STRIVE Prep-Westwood

Cottonwood Institute’s Community Adventure Program (CAP) students at STRIVE Prep – Westwood got the worm this time when they worked alongside Re:Vision team member Joseph Teipel to plant three fruit trees for the neighborhood food co-op. With lots of great ideas to consider, all focused around food scarcity, we worked through the logistical limitations of a successful action… Read more »



Meeting Wolves with New Eyes: STRIVE Prep-Sunnyside

It was a clear, sunny day when twelve STRIVE Prep – Sunnyside students embarked on a journey into the Sangre de Cristo mountains. They had one clear mission: to meet and learn about wolves in the remote mountain sanctuary aptly named Mission: Wolf. The group had bountiful energy and enthusiasm; their four hour drive to the site… Read more »