Community Adventure Program

Community Adventure Program (CAP) is a class offered during the school day for academic credit. During CAP, students go on hikes, overnight camping trips, learn about and discuss local environmental issues, choose an issue to address as a class, and collaborate with other local organizations to design and implement a student-directed Action Project to positively address their issue. CAP students have tackled flood restoration projects, wildfire mitigation projects, organized bike to school days, completed food waste projects, organic gardening and composting projects, and more. Click here to read about recent stories from Community Adventure Program.

“We made a difference in our community…This was a life-changing experience for me.”

– Community Adventure Program Student

Earth Task Force Program

Earth Task Force (ETF) is a CI-supported program offered during the school day for academic credit designed to give students an opportunity to take the lead to address environmental issues at their school and in the local community. With the support of a CI ETF Mentor and teacher sponsors, students and staff meet biweekly to come up with fun, creative, and accessible solutions that the school, teachers and staff, and students can take to help reduce their school’s environmental footprint. The opportunities to ignite change are endless. Click here to read about recent stories from Earth Task Force.

“The Earth Task Force completely turned my life around. I have gone from being a withdrawn, below average student to a dedicated student striving for excellence.”

– Earth Task Force Student

For more information or to book a program, contact Madeline Bachner, Program Director, at 303.447.1076 x701 or via Email.