Multi-Day Field Based Projects are 2-7 day programs designed to connect students to the outdoors, camp out under the stars, and complete fun and engaging projects to help protect and preserve the environment.

“What an awesome experience! I really hope to continue our partnership. I am amazed by the adaptability and emphasis on youths’ unique interests and personalities. What an incredible sense of community in a short period of time. You really helped each of our youth feel like they belong. Thank you!”

– Amy Austin, Colorado Youth For A Change

Our primary projects include:

Endangered Wolves Project

Tucked below the Sangre De Christo mountains of Southern Colorado resides a unique sanctuary called Mission: Wolf that hosts a group of 40 wolves born into captivity. Wild wolves were once abundant in Colorado playing an important role in the health of the ecosystem, but today there are less than 4,000 wild wolves in the lower 48 states. This action-packed program combines low-impact camping at Mission: Wolf, teamwork, communication, survival and animal tracking skills, as well as completion of Action Projects to help care for the wolves and their habitat. Click here to read about recent adventures in Endangered Wolves Project.

Fire Ecology Project

What are the different ways that humans and the land respond to forest fires? The Fire Ecology Project focuses on forest fire ecology and wildland firefighting in the Colorado Front Range. We will interact with firefighters and land managers, we will explore healthy forests and burned forests that are regenerating, and we will discuss the factors of weather as they pertain to the health and growth of the forest and the fires that are part of the forest cycle. Camping for the duration of the trip, we will experience the forest and weather hour to hour as we play, cook, eat, sleep, explore, and relax outdoors. Click here to read about recent adventures in Fire Ecology Project.

Flood Restoration Project

Flood Resoration
In the aftermath of increasingly larger storms and the massive effects that we are seeing as the climate changes, we are called to act. Through partnerships with local organizations, CI organizes flood restoration projects in Colorado Front Range communities that have been devastated by floods. We will learn nature awareness, essential camping, and basic ecology knowledge, allowing us to begin understanding the role of floods through an ecological lens. We will take part in active dialogues, lessons, and activities to learn about climate change, natural disasters, and the short and long-term effects of floods on the local flora, fauna, and human populations. We will spend a significant amount of time helping communities rebuild after the floods. Click here to read about recent adventures in Flood Restoration Project.

Military Kids Project

CI is proud to collaborate with several organizations to offer our Military Kids Project to middle and high school students who have parents serving in the military. During this program, teens and their families camp out under the stars. We will spend the weekend enjoying nature, building connections to each other and the outdoors, playing games, and relaxing. We will also learn about camping and survival priorities, tips, and techniques, primitive and modern fires, and complete an environmental service project to help be a caretaker of the land. Get ready for a fun filled weekend of adventure! Click here to read about recent adventures in Military Kids Project.

The next Military Kids Project is set for the Colorado Army National Guard, this July 22-23, 2017. More information coming soon!

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For more information or to book a program, contact Madeline Bachner, Program Director, at 303.447.1076 x701 or via Email.